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Tucker- "The gravimetric field displacement manifold-- commonly known as the "warp reactor." Just think of it as A... Great big engine but instead of using electricity or chemical fuel it runs on antimatter. See this swirling light? When matter and antimatter collide it creates a whole lot of energy. We channel that energy through those conduits over there. They lead to the two large glowing cylinders you may have seen on the outside of the ship."
Sonsorra- "The nacelles."
Tucker- "That's right."
Sonsorra- "Which contain warp coils that create the subspace displacement field."
Tucker- "I see you... Already know a thing or two about starship engines."
Sonsorra- "I'm a warp field theorist."
Tucker- "Oh. Well... I guess that covers the basics. Any questions?"
Alien- "How do you regulate positron flow in your dilithium matrix?"
Tucker- "Good one. I'll bring up the schematic of the reactor assembly. You can see for yourself. If you'll just come with me. We use a series of magnetic constrictors to align the positron stream. If any stray particles escape backups automatically kick in. And during one of our training tests we momentarily lost the primaries and the backups. About a billion positrons cut through the plating on three decks. Nearly caused a hull breach. We spent a month redesigning the system. It hasn't given us a single problem since."
        -- ST Enterprise, "Cold Front"

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