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Federation President Eteon tar-Chereos at the Khitomer Conference.
Federation President Eteon tar-Chereos at the Khitomer Conference.
(| Physiology |)
Atrenoids are tall, rangy humanoids with high, furrowed foreheads and growths of facial hair that extend below the sides of the mouth, rather like whiskers. Their height and strong spinal columns help them maintain the dignified bearing for which they are famous. They like to wear their hair long and swept back in a way that resembles the mane of an Earth lion.

Due to their rigid spinal and skeletal systems, they lack flexibility, and their musculature is correspondingly weak because their bone structure supports most of their body weight.
(| History |)
Atreonids are native to Atreos IV in the Alpha Quadrant. Atreos IV is flat with little geologic activity. Savannah, plains and desert are the predominant terrain. The only mountain peak of any consequence is the 15,000 foot tall Mount Eteon tar-Chereos, which was named in 2296 in honor of the only Atreonid ever to serve as President of the United Federation of Planets.

First contact between the Atreonids and the Federation occured in 2248. Prior to that date, twelve noble dynasties ruled Atreos IV, and carved the planet between them into feudal states. They jousted with each other constantly, in attempts to enlarge themselves at the cost of others, sometimes through military action, diplomacy, trade, or technological innovation. The Chereos, the Zatain, the Paratan, the Karoon and the Houtan were the wealthiest and most prominent of these families, and their kingdoms were the most consistently powerful.

First contact changed their view of their place in the cosmos. The 12 Kingdoms set aside their rivalries and united to form a republican federation that would choose it's head of state from among their leaders. Noble superority was no longer justifiable, and the class structure cracked. All adults were granted the right to select their political leaders at the national and local level, and the twelve kingdoms were transformed into representative democracies. This process was well under way when Atreos IV formally joined the Federation in 2252.

Eteon tar-Chereos was the only Atreonid elected Federation President in 2290. He was a diplomat who represented Atreos IV in the Federation Council for 20 years. He was president in 2293, when Klingon Chancellor Gorkon decided to end decades of hostility between the Second Klingon Empire and the Federation. He survived an assassination attempt by rogue Starfleet and Klingon officers at the Khitomer Conference and presided over the ensuing crisis.
(| Society |)
Atreonids of all classes cultivate a dignified and genteel bearing. Others may find them stuffy and too reserved, but good nature and generosity of spirit lies beneath their regal facade.

The twelve great families who ruled during the Atreonid's ancient fuedal aristocracy still retain their wealth and standing. Although the class structure no longer exists, these nobles expect and receive deference from those of lower rank.

As a general rule, Atreonids who leave their homeworld are connected in some way with one of these noble dynasties. Education, wealth, and family connections either allow them the luxury of adventurousness or impress upon them the importance of service to their race and the Federation. From the moment that Atreos IV joined the Federation, serving the Federation as a diplomat or civil servant has been quite fashionable for educated young Atreonids of noble birth. Starfleet holds less attraction, despite the admiration of Captain James T. Kirk, who became a hero to Atreonids after foiling the assassination attempt on Eteon tar-Chereos.

The native language of Atreos IV is Atreonoid. Generally, Atreonids who have university-level education also speak Federation Standard passably well, and it is a point of pride that they don't need a universal translator to communicate. They favor names heavy on vowel sounds, such as Eteon, Thurian, and Fieries. Blood members of the 12 noble families use the honorific 'tar' to preceded their surnames.

Atreonids dignified bearing gives them the ability to command an audience through sheer personal presence.

In matters of diplomacy and political leadership, Atreonids show exceptional patience and integrity, and they gain much respect for this.

The universities on Atreos IV favor a liberal education that emphasizes analytical skills applicable across a wide range of disciplines. Atreonids consider interllectual versatility to be the mark of a gentleman.
(| Sources |)
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Book: Star Trek: Roleplaying Game: Aliens by Decipher

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